Why do You Keep Flashing Me?

I had this written and published before, but the more I looked at it, the more I disliked it. It didn’t seem sincere, and honestly, I kind of just wrote it to be cheeky. So, I took ‘er down and here I go, rewriting it!

Grazing ( @GrazingND )

Grazing (@GrazingND)


First, let me apologize for blinding you. I am sorry for popping a bright flash of meer inches from your eyes in a dark venue. I’ve popped this flash off into my own eyes in a well lit room and saw spots for at least 10 minutes, so I can only imagine what it does to you on stage.


Second, I hope it is all worth it. I hope you love the pics I take of you all. I hope you show them to your friends, and share them often. I want to make you guys look as cool as possible, I hope I am achieving that. If you love the photography, let me know. It fuels me when someone randomly comes up to me and tells me they love my work.


If you hate it. Let. Me. Know. I can’t improve if I am unaware.


Finally, hello. My name is Gary Ussery. I may not have been born here, but I am undeniably a die hard Fargoan. I love this city so much that I bought a house here, despite always dreaming of the east coast. I’ve been here since I graduate high school back in 2005. Fargo was supposed to be a pit stop. A temporary residency before we moved to the cities.

That's my handsome face! Photo courtesy of Connor ( @Connorfornow )

That's my handsome face! Photo courtesy of Connor (@Connorfornow)


Although we left Fargo a few times, we always came back.


That we refers to my wife and I. I married my dream girl. The one I met in high school. We have been together, uninterrupted for going on 15 years. I have always been the dreamer of our relationship, her, my anchor. I say that with love, because if given the chance, we dreamers would float away and be lost without our anchor keeping us real.


When I proposed the idea to my anchor, she loved it. She told me to do it. Now. Right now. That was new for me. I was used to the unenthusiastic “cool” for most of my wild ideas. So when she was so insistent on me pursuing this, I knew I was on to something.

Free Truman ( @FreeTruman420 )

Free Truman (@FreeTruman420)


Thought brought me to proposing my idea to John Jorgenson of Fargo Underground. He loved it. Him being the wise guy he is gave me the best advice for the project, which was name Fargo Tracks at the time.


“Write down 50 possible names” he says. “You might stick with the first one. You might stick with the 16th, and I guarantee that by the 20th, you will be writing nonsense”. Fargo Live was the 5th on the list. Fargo.Live was an available domain name. It was perfect.


John has been behind most of the good ideas I’ve had for Fargo.Live. When I asked him if he knew somewhere that would print shirts for me on the cheap, he said, and he said it with love “do it yourself.”


“The bands do it all the time. It’s not that hard. Maybe just try it”.


T-Shirt sales will be going live soon. Thanks again, John.

The first t-shirt design! Message me to find out how to get yours!

The first t-shirt design! Message me to find out how to get yours!


As of right now, Fargo. Live has existed about 3 months. I have already captured over 40 different bands’ live shows. I have delivered around 4-500 pictures to musicians, for free.The first band to take advantage of my free sessions for musicians, was Dearly Departed, and now I am booking more, every day. I have taken nearly 20,000 photos of musicians in this amazing city.


All of that in 3 months. I have at least a full year ahead of me. Its going to be a busy one.


I can’t wait.

Jantzonia ( @Jantzonia )

Jantzonia (@Jantzonia)


Part of what I wanted to do with this blog was introduce my Patreon, as well as other ways to donate. I am currently driving 12 hour Uber shifts to support Fargo.Live, sometimes 6 days a week. This really limits the amount of time I can dedicate to helping musicians out. So, I am asking you, if you can afford it, please help me continue not charging musicians a dime for professional quality photography.


Donate Here

If you can't afford to donate, that's cool, you can still show your support by following me on Instagram (@Fargo.Live) and on Facebook (@Fargo.Live).

So, you might have been wondering who I was. I hope I answered some of that. If not, feel free to message me. I’m always up for some coffee and a chat.


My name is Gary.


I have a small family.


I love photography and I love music.


Most importantly, I am your biggest fucking fan, no matter who you are, and I hope to keep helping you out any way I can.