New Direction Fest 7


While on stage, mic in hand, so many people thanked Jack Stenerson for what he's done for the music community in Fargo. Little did I know, I'd met Jack several times without knowing who he was. I'd attended shows he'd organized, or seen him in the sound booth for a Sanctuary show. I don't have a mic, but I would like to thank him as well. For the great show, and for letting another photographer clutter the already busy venue. I appreciate it!

That out of the way, I would now like to bring you all of the images I took from NDF7, in no particular order. At the side of the page, I will provide links to their Instagrams, so please, give them a click, and give them a follow. Keep the love going. I wasn't able to capture every band, for which I deeply apologize. Free full res pics for bands, just contact me. Also, don't forget about free portraits for local musicians, find more here.