The Promise

Portraits for Local Musicians


I understand doing what you love. I also understand that when you are just starting out, or you're a relatively unknown name, making ends meet can be tough. The first thing on your mind may not be updated album art, a clean cover photo, or just something that makes you feel like a bad ass.

I will bring my ten years of photo experience, and work with you to design your own stylized session. I will pull my limited connections, and ask for some favors to offer you this;

One free portrait session

When I say stylized, I mean we will meet, brainstorm, and come up with something that matches the personality of you, or your band. I wont just drag you out to the train tracks and get a dime-a-dozen shot, ala The Couch Burners (although, burning a couch could be fun).

I want to give back to the community that has given me so much. I want to take a little of the stress off your shoulders and show you for the rock star, rapper, punk rocker, or anything else that you are.


If you love something, set it on fire.

If you love something, set it on fire.


*Requires signed model releases from each individual involved in the session. Must have performed in a Fargo, West Fargo, or Moorhead venue. Some restrictions may apply.