The Project

This picture marks many firsts. Some are obvious, while others are more dear to me. This was the first time I ever saw P.O.S (@yeahrightpos) live. This was my first ever show at The Aquarium (@aquariumfargo), and, this was the first time I ever took a picture of P.O.S. This was close to me discovering photography, and this is actually my very first concert shot. Ever.

That was damn near a decade ago. I've donned many hats in that span of time, but photography was something I knew I wanted to do. Since that first show, I have been lucky enough to have a private session with P.O.S. When people talk about being high on life, the sensation I had from that session is what they mean. The picture above is from the show he put on that night, again at The Aquarium. I can see an improvement in my work!

When I scored a 20 minute private session with Prof (@profgampo), also of Rhymesayers fame, I knew that I wanted to be more involved with the music community.

So, I spoke with a friend from Fargo Underground (@fargounderground) and Fargo.Live (@fargo.live) was born!

So, its called a project. What makes it so? My mission is this: to attend 2-3 shows local to Fargo's downtown. Per. Week. Document those shows the way only a photographer can. Get to know the venues, and get deep with the bands/ artist. I want Fargo.Live to be your one stop to learn everything about the amazingly talented artists of the Fargo scene.

Let's get started on making more firsts.