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It started as a hobby

I didn't grow up dreaming of being a photographer. Not at all. It kind of just happened. I didn't pick up my first DSLR until I was 23ish. People talk about love at first sight. Well, this was love at first click.

Love/ Hate.

Here I am nearly a decade later, and I am getting ready to start the biggest project of my life. I want you to take that journey with me, through an audio, and visual experience.

A little about me!

I was born in the mid-80s, making me a real 90s child. I grew up in Waco, Texas, but was moved to Minnesota when I was 14. I met my wife 4 years later when I was 18. Yep, we're high school sweethearts. We even won most likely to marry our high school sweetheart my senior year, and then her senior year, Fargo was supposed to be a stepping stone. A temporary stop before moving on the bigger things. Then it became the bigger thing in our life.

We've traveled well over 30 thousand miles without ever taking a plane. Driving to Key West, Florida, and even a trip down the Oregon Coast. You could probably say that I enjoy road trips.

We now live in West Fargo, with our awesome kitty, Cola.

I try to learn something new every single day.